Sealing Brick Pavers

Sealing Brick Pavers is an art of its own, and when applied correctly, paver sealer can enhance the look of your Brick Pavers.

The Benefits of Cleaning and Sealing your Pavers:

Our paver sealing process will help you restore and enhance your brick paver driveway, patio, walkway, pool deck, courtyard, etc., while at the same time protecting your investment for years to come. Spotless REC., can help you create the look that you’ve always wanted from your pavers by using only the highest quality of concrete/brick paver sealer that will provide instant beauty, and added value to your home. We use a three step process when sealing pavers to ensure you receive the best results and optimum finish.

Our Sealing process:

Step 1 – Power- Wash Pavers: Removing of dirt, stains, efflorescence, weeds, moss, etc.

Step 2 – Re-sand with jointing sand. A step some competitors leave out. This is a crucial step in the Clean and Sealing process.
The Sealer acts as a binding agent when applied over the sand. This will prevent weed growth.

Step 3 – Apply 2 coats of protective Paver Sealer

We are trained by Seal ‘n Lock System Corp.
Seal ‘n Lock has recognized the need for change within the interlocking paver and hardscape industry including sealing products and the application process. The increasing demand for water-based products with low VOC’s, as an alternative to solvent-based products, has generated a new technology “Seal ‘n Lock System”. Using American technology, our “State of the Art” products have addressed existing industry concerns. Those concerns include pavers turning white, joint stabilization, and durability without the toxicity and disposal considerations associated with solvent based sealers.